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Matchmaking fun

Here’s some of the crap going on in the world of match making and roster changes:

No Robbie Lawler vs Benji Radach / December 19th / Strikeforce: Evolution
Nowadays fights get cancelled so fast they don’t even have a chance to be announced first. That’s right: this isn’t so much of a fight announcement as it is an announcement that a fight Strikeforce was going to announce has now been announced as cancelled. Apparently, Radach’s hands are still jacked from when he broke them on Scott Smith’s skull. Personally, I would have rather not known about this match at all because fuck shit man, Lawler vs Radach would have been rad.

Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos / February 21st / UFC 110
Even giving George Sotiropoulos as much credit as I can for his 4-0 record in the UFC and recent raping of Jason Dent, I still can’t give this fight to Sotiropoulos. Still, you know he’s gonna bring his A game because this one’s in his home country of Australia.

Chris Leben vs Jay Silva / January 11th / UFC Fight Night 20
Chris Leben gets another go against Jay Silva, who got into the UFC by accepting a last second fight against CB Dollaway (which Silva lost on the scorecards but won in our hearts). How many chances has Chris been given now? There was when they brought him back on TUF, there was after he dropped two to Jason MacDonald and Kalib Starnes, the steroid suspension, and now another two losses in a row to Michael Bisping and Jake Rosholt.

Oh, but speaking of Jake Rosholt … he’s been fired.