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Marquardt v. Belfort in the works

I think I just unintentionally released my future children all over the inside of my jorts. Fighters Only (via Cage Potato) is reporting that the UFC is planning to scrap Nate Marquardt’s scheduled UFC 109 bout with Chael Sonnen in order to put the seven-time King of Pancrase in a title eliminator with Vitor Belfort. Sonnen’s immediate family will likely be mighty pissed about this, but this is great news for the rest of us.

Make no mistake: this is a huge fight. During a period when the UFC’s top stars are dropping left and right, the company is in desperate need of marketable fights, and this fits the bill. From a sporting perspective, the winner of Marquardt-Belfort will no doubt be the most dangerous 185-pounder on the planet whose name doesn’t rhyme with Shmanderson Shmilva, which will only make the eventual title fight all the more epic.

Bring a clean pair of underwear with you when you go to watch this one, boys, as somebody is going to get knockdafuggout in highlight reel fashion.