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There’s a new Fedor interview out, and like most Fedor interviews it practically shines with the exuberance this jolly Russian puts off. I often say that Fedor’s demeanor reminds me of Jim Carey back in his standup days … so wacky and physically emotive. Oh wait, no that’s not Fedor at all. That’s Anti-Fedor, who lives in reverse land. This interview shows off just how bland and boring Fedor is:

correspondent: Do you have dreams that yet to come true?

FE: I do, I want to take a break from the ongoing training process…and go to a beach where it is warm and you can see fish in water like in an auqarium.

correspondent: What kind of rest do you prefer? Is it more of an acitve kind or is it the kind where you get to jsut lie down and get some suntan?

FE: I prefer the active type of rest, I enjoy swimming very much, anything but not just lieing down.

correspondent: How is building of your new house coming along?

FE: it is not finished yet.

Fucking goddamn. This guy needs to get out and have some fun or something. There was one bit of interesting information in all of that soul sucking monotony, and that was the date of the first M-1 show:

correspondent: Do you know where the first fight is taking place? and who you are going to fight in the ring?

FE: The first fight will take place in USA Chicago on the 15 of February. The opponent is not known as for now, but we are in the process of negotioation with a number of fighters.

No word yet on if this semi-official announcement has put the Eye of Mordor (also known as the UFC’s crack team of lawyer assassins) onto this event. Word has it that Chicago’s MMA legislation doesn’t come into effect until the middle of 2008. Would it be considered ‘tinfoil hat’ to think the UFC could try to mess with M-1’s debut event by pushing for the date to be moved up?

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Aaaaw, Fedor never has any fun. And he appears to be so poor he has to wear that paper clothing they came out with in the 60’s.

  • Trol says:

    He’s waiting on the ‘Year of the Upsets’ to pass before he risks fighting again.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    that reporter was asking flaming gay questions. what do you expect? fedor to discuss the floral patterns on his walls? the fung shway of the furniture? who cares if hes boring outside the ring. sounds like youre looking forward to mark cubans celebrity fighting eh?

  • haha fightlinker goal for 2008: get an interview with fedor

  • Swedish guy says:

    I just look forward for someone to whoop this boring russians white ass.

  • MMA can be held in Chicago but you have to gain a bit different approval than you will in 2008. As it is now I don’t think there’s a comission overseeing the events and they are approving them on a by-event basis. The IFL has had shows their so it can definitely happen, the UFC is just holding out ’til everything’s through the legal system I believe.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    honestly now, what are the odds of you getting an interview with Fedor?

    id rather see a ken shamrock interview where you bait him into going off on tirades, talking trash on any and everybody. especially tito, dana and josh thompson.

    better yet, get an interview with kevin iole. im sure you have a few Qs for him. lol

  • Kevin and Ken would be easy … we’re setting up an interview with Frank Shamrock in a week or two. Fedor will be tricky because of the language thing … we’d have to find a smart ass russian to do it, which is the main problem

  • Xavier says:

    It shall be interesting to see if you are an asskisser interview like the MMAJunkie bitch-whores or if you actually will call fighters out on bullshit.

    Ken Shamrock: “They’re making billions!”

    Yeah, right.

  • nem0 says:

    I sort of wonder whether Fedor always sounds like a children’s book because he’s boring or because his translator can’t be hosed to use less bland phrasing. It’s not like Russian translates well into English anyway, but dude’s translator needs to step it up a bit.

  • RussianMMA says:

    >Fedor will be tricky because of the language thing … we’d have
    >to find a smart ass russian to do it, which is the main problem
    And after that you would need to find at least a couple americans to understand sentences more complex than “I will whoop his ass!” A that’s impossible…

  • RussianMMA says:

    But if talk honestly, then the problem is the culture. You don’t understand other cultures (like the culture of not bashing other people and behaving properly). That’s how shallow you are. :( You should try one day. Maybe you will even like it.

  • Royal B. says:

    Whoa! Comrade. Wait a sec.

    First rule of Fightlinker: Don’t take Fightlinker seriously because Fightlinker doesn’t.

    They’re snark with a built in bullshit detector.

  • Second rule of fightlinker : send me your buxom women.

  • RussianMMA says:

    I know and I don’t take linker seriously. Just wanted (additionally to returnig some shit back) to share my not so humble opinion on the topic, because many Americans really think the same way the original post describes. That makes me kinda sad. :(

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    ive seen clips on fedor on youtube of him backstage all pissed off swearing. hes a man, he gets angry. you wont get an interview with fedor, this website is riddled with mccarthyism

  • If M-1 makes fedor available to the press like they should for their first show, then I assure you: we will get an interview~

  • Frank says:

    I hope fedor gets hit by a truck. His lack of motivation and cowardice to accept a fight where it’s not some russian dude drunk on vodka is a complete waste of god given talent. May he be struck down on his way to his first M-1 Gongshow.