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Mark Pavelich thinks everything but MFC sucks

Let’s forget for a minute all the mistakes MFC owner Mark Pavelich has made over the past few weeks: threatening to slap fighters around, canceling a fight after it was suddenly marketable, and basically coming off like the biggest douchebag promoter on earth – an impressive feat considering how stacked that particular ‘division’ is. Today I just want to concentrate on all the offensive shit he says in one single interview with Sportsnet. Here’s a few things:

  • Claims Joe Riggs ducked Ryan Ford
  • Called Drew Fickett a drunk
  • Says Canadians ‘don’t see the light’ as far as MMA goes
  • Called EliteXC cards ‘mediocre’ (not always incorrect, except when you compare them to MFC events)

But my favorite part is when Mark claims that MFC is better than the WEC:

Even WEC, they’re like the subsidiary to the UFC, right. But they’re not a big organization, right. I mean, they’re not drawing gigantic numbers and stuff like that. No one knows what the WEC is. They know because of the UFC. But on the grand scheme of the things, their organization is … it’s not bigger than the MFC. I mean, it is because the UFC says so? It’s not true.

I’d say the WEC is bigger than MFC because the WEC has some of the best fighters in the world under contract: Miguel Torres, Urijah Faber, Jens Pulver, Paulo Filho, and those are just the obvious ones. Where half the guys on MFC cards are hicks fresh off the fields of Alberta, the WEC brings together the best fighters at 135 and 145. If there was one area you could compare MFC to WEC in, I’d say their light heavyweight divisions are about equal. And the WEC’s LHW division sucks balls.

MFC ain’t terrible. But Mark Pavelich needs to know his role … he’s a regional promoter who’s built up an audience in the middle of Canada. There’s a point where hyperbole passes into delusion and you just end up sounding like a raging cock. If Pavelich hadn’t hit that point with the Drew Fickett situation, he certainly hit with this interview.