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Mark Pavelich apologizes for stupid press release

Well this is kinda nice. Yesterday Maximum Fighting Championships put out a press release castigating former UFC fighter Chris Price for pulling out of a match due to passport issues. Not only did they claim those issues were caused by Price not paying child support, but they threw in some highly suspect quotes from him saying he was retiring and that he ‘was never that good in the first place.’ It was some pretty classless stuff even for a promotion that has a bit of a reputation for being douchey. But this morning another press release was sent out:

With all do respect,

There was a Press Release on the Chris Price situation that went out from our office yesterday; it was brought to my attention by some MFC Fans. I do not read or edit 90% of things that go on the sight. There was a paragraph that was in the release that was written by one of our staff writers. After reading it myself I thought it was absolutely uncalled for and was extremely offensive. I would like to apologise first and foremost to Chris Price and his family as well as anyone who received it today. It is not the position of the Maximum Fighting Championship to make attacks on personal issues in Mr. Price’s current family situation. We wish Mr. Price the best of luck in the future and I will find the time to proof read every article prior to going on the MFC website in the future.

Mark Pavelich MFC President

Yeah, you could say this is just damage control but I’m not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Pavelich apologized fully and managed to do it without slipping in any barbs or attempted justifications. It doesn’t erase what happened and I doubt it’s gonna change many people’s minds as to how they feel about MFC. But an apology is better than no apology in my book.