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Mark Kerr is a fat fuck


I know, I should be the last person calling anyone a fat fuck, especially after breaking down and eating half a box of chewy chocolate chip cookies today. But holy fuck. Mark Kerr used to be the terror of mixed martial arts. He used to be one of those guys people would just call ‘a specimen’ over and over until you were like “Shut up, that’s a stupid expression you wanker!”

Of course, Mark Kerr turned out to be a crazy hardcore juicer, and that just makes these pictures from the WCO weigh-ins even sadder. I don’t blame Kerr for phoning in performances … everyone needs to make a living regardless of if they’re still got that “warrior’s spirit”. But showing up to a fight looking more like some crusty motel manager than a fighter? Come on now.

By the way, this picture was taken by Combat Lifestyle‘s Tracy Lee, who gets around … the MMA scene and takes good pictures of all the events! Heyo!