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Mark Hunt gets closer to fighting at Yarennoka

On Nov 25th, Mark Hunt swallowed his dignity and did some pro wrestling crap. If you thought he might come out of this with his pride intact, the above photo should prove otherwise. The good news is that Hunt announced after the fight that he wanted to fight twice on NYE, once for HUSTLE and once for Yarennoka.

Of course, everyone knows pro wrestlers lie about everything so god only knows if this will happen. Personally, I’d love to see an exhausted Mark Hunt get smashed by some random individual, so I’m totally down. Pro wrestling might be stupid, but it’s not easy and does tend to exhaust you. If Mark Hunt does pull this off, I’m gonna give him major props and my second “Big Testicles” award of the day!

  • Zheroen says:

    Remember when Alexander Otsuka beat Marco Ruas in Pride after having wrestled on a Michinoku Pro show (I think that was it…them or BattleARTS) earlier in the day? That was kind of cool, although it lead to Otsuka getting a million chances to get his ass kicked in Pride by everyone.

  • RT says:

    Otsuka vs Hunt…………… Otsuka by rare double arm bar.

    Seriously I hope Hunt sticks to the MMA side of the show and starts to get back in the Mix. How bout Hunt vs Fujita or Monson or a rematch with Yoshida I just want to see the big son of a bitch fight, preferably on NYE.

  • Royal B. says:

    The HUSTLE event will be pre-taped, so he’ll be fresh for both.

    Besides, he’s hanging with Kintaroman, protector of hot girls and beer. He’s in good hands.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Soooo, he’s not in the UFC because he refuses to climb on a stair master?

  • RT says:

    He is not in the UFC because of visa issues, Mark Hunt can make 265 he just cant fight in very many UFC markets. How ever the word on the street or interweb rather is that the UFC is planning on running a couple of events in Australia in ’08, where mark hunt would be pretty handy to have around. so who knows…..

  • Jonathan says:

    Mark Hunt would not have Visa issues because New Zealand falls under the countries where it is very easy to get a travel visa…in fact, often times, you do not need one.

  • Unless of course Mark Hunt killed a man once in Reno