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Mark Hominick should be fighting Urijah Faber

I link to the ADCC website way too much, but it’s hard not to when they’re the only ones NOT interviewing Quinton Jackson. This interview is with Mark Hominick, who is fighting Rani Yahya at the WEC show on June 3rd. The question not asked in this interview is why these two guys are fighting each other and not getting a shot at Urijah Faber, who gets to fight newbie Chance Farrar (3-0-0). I’ll tell you why: because Urijah Faber is a testicle gobbler. Anyways, I’ve gotten to see a lot of Hominick’s fights and I’m pretty confident he’ll be winning his fight on the 3rd. I can only pray Faber ends up having to fight him next – I’ve been waiting far too long to see Urijah get his face pounded in.

  • ocjj guy says:


  • Yeah, Rani Yahya climbed Hominick like a tree and subbed him. It kinda sucks because I don’t see Rani having the skills to take out Faber, but Hominick might have.

    Ah well, rumour is that Pulver may be going to WEC. Him vs Faber would be a fucking war!