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Mark Dion strikes back (again)

(The post-it note heard round the sports world. Or not.)

After being cleared of wrongdoing over the whole “Brandon Vera contract dispute” issue that resulted in Vera sitting on the sidelines for nearly a year, Vera’s management Mark Dion released a big “Suck my balls” press release detailing everything surrounding the deal and why it was Vera who was a liar and the UFC who sowed the seeds of malcontent. Now he’s taking it one step further with another lawsuit:

However, has learned that Dion filed suited against Vera and his new management team in civil court in California on May 1.

The complaint closely follows the contours of the arbitration proceedings, except for the inclusion of Zuffa, White, and Silva for allegedly interfering with Dion’s management contract with Vera. Specifically the complaint alleges that Zuffa and its officials encouraged Vera to breach his contract with Dion and provided him with confidential emails to use in that effort.

It’s no surprise to me that the UFC resorted to the ol’ divide and conquer method to push this through. If they couldn’t get Vera through Dion, then why not whisper shit into Vera’s ear? It’s not exactly the most morally upstanding move in the book, but as far as I know it’s still legal. But then again don’t trust me when I say that … I’m not a lawyer and probably never will be one since I showed up to my bar exam naked and on shrooms. I’m not very good under stress.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Just let it go. Didn’t he get a settlement from the previous lawsuit?

  • Jemaleddin says:

    When are you very good?

    I’m at my best naked and on shrooms.

  • Denton says:

    i want some

  • atom says:

    I have showed up to an exam (geology 101) after eating mushrooms. It was the last exam I had to take that semester, and I figured what better way to start the celebration than by letting the mushrooms kick in at about the exact time that I was finished. I ate them on an empty stomach and drank some OJ, and the exam took a bit longer than I expected. I’d never really “hallucinated” before, but towards the end of the exam, I was seeing dinosaurs on the walls. Perhaps this should be in my profile under “dumbest thing I’ve ever done”

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I have heard of agreements drawn up on a cocktail napkin but a Post-it Note?? Are you kidding me?!? Is that how this guy runs his operation? Small wonder he hitched his wagon to a dolt who by all accounts should be fighting at LHW but refuses to do so due to an overriding desire for ice cream and cheese doodles. Yeah, Vera is going to go far at heavyweight.

    Dion is an embarrassment to this family and his profession, and should just hide his head in shame, no matter how he got screwed over by White and company.

  • I caught the Dion interview by fightopinion like a month ago and they went over how he got screwed by the UFC and smeared by the media, including fightlinker, even though he takes better care of his fighters than most managers. he gives them a 10k a month salary to work at his gyms.

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    Smeared by Fightlinker, eh? Dion may be an OK guy (as far a gym owners are concerned, that is) but give me a break. If he took such great care of his fighters, he would know how to negotiate contracts with fight organizations, rather trying to rely on scribble on Post It notes. It looks to me like he got in over his head and now he’s paying the price. We’ll see how much he enjoys spending the next five years in court going up against Fertitta’s high-powered attorneys.

    As far as Fightlinker is concerned, he is free to “smear” any only he likes. (Thank goodness) He resides in a safe haven known as Canada where their courts would never allow such scurrilous accusations to see the light of day. In fact, they encourage smearing in Canada as it is really the only way to get a Canuck riled up — that, and spilling their beer.

  • kentyman says:

    “Canadian beer sucks!”

  • Actually, we blamed Vera for the most part and didn’t even know Dion existed till VERA came out and accused Dion. We then passed along that fact, but still questioned if it wasn’t just Vera throwing his manager under the bus.

    On the whole we’ve been pretty nice to Dion right up to the whole KJ Noons thing, which proves he’s a retard.