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Mark Dion is an idiot

You may remember Mark Dion as the guy who managed Brandon Vera right out of an immediate title shot and a base 150k/150k contract with the UFC. Legal wrangling might have cleared him of wrongdoing (well, sorta … the wording from arbitration was Vera hadn’t been able to prove any wrongdoing), but it seems like he’s busy torpedoing another client at the moment: KJ Noons.

Since UFC began championing MMA, a number of other promotional concerns have been   founded. The program CBS is offering in May (with Robbie Lawler defending his version of   the middleweight championship against Scott Smith) is being assembled by ProElite’s EliteXC fight division.

According to Dion, Noons (6-1) tentatively was scheduled to appear on this card, but before EliteXC would offer him a contract, it wanted him to commit to three additional matches under its stewardship. Dion would not commit.

“They’re trying to slam-dunk guys into long-term contracts in order to be on CBS,” Dion said.

You know, I can understand being reluctant to get trapped in some kind of retarded long term contract like the guys coming from the Ultimate Fighter. But three fights is not a massive commitment, especially not to get exposure on the first major network TV event. You’re often seeing guys take pay cuts to get into the UFC because they know it makes sense in the long run. While Noons might not make as much upfront money from EliteXC by locking in this deal, you have to imagine his sponsorship opportunities would go through the roof. Plus he knows he’d be well treated … Gary Shaw has a hard-on for the kid because he’s a boxer. Well, had a hard-on before these retarded contract negotiations.

We’re not the kind of people to tell someone how to handle their business. Oh wait, yes we are. In this case I’ll just let Kid Nate from BloodyElbow summarize my thoughts on this situation:

I don’t really care how one sided the deal was — if it gets Noons on CBS during primetime defending his belt, then he should be prepared to give up anything up to 18 months, his first child and his left testicle to make the deal.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    Ouch – cropped posts in the feed? For shame, Ryan, for shame.

    As for the contracts: I haven’t heard anyone offer a compelling argument for why a promotion should sink a bunch of money into marketing and making a star out of a fighter while allowing him to fight in another promotion where he could be too injured to come back and earn back the money spent. I know that people don’t like Dana for a lot of good reasons, but exclusive contracts are the only sensible way to build something like a league until some kind of larger organization that controls belts and rankings is created.

  • godzillad says:

    Long term deals with the UFC are different from long term deals with Pro Elite. EXC will be out of business by the end of 2009 and nobody but hardcores are gonna watch the CBS show.

  • godzillad says:

    This is where pro wrestling knowledge comes in handy. WWE on USA did numbers in the high 4’s, but on NBC it barely cracked a 2.1. Let me call it now, the EXC show doesn’t do more than a 1.0. That’s being generous.

  • There’s so many differences between this and the WWE … WWE was already uber-saturated on television, plus the network treated them like a red-headed stepchild. Their success really depends on if CBS promotes the show and ties in with other sports programming.

  • Accomando says:

    KJ Noons sucks, and not only because his name is KJ, but the fact that he lost to ‘Krazy Horse’, badly, you just can’t do that.

    In the immortal words of Jeff Curran….”..I’m not about to ruin my life, losing to a guy like this..”

    Noons already ruined his life. The worst part is, he was talking mad shit to bennet before the fight and then get’s KO’ed by him. Fuck Noons!

  • clint notestine says:

    “the network treated them like a red-headed stepchild”
    Linker don’t you mean red-neck stepchild? If I was a fighter and was offered a 3 fight deal which included a CBS fight i’d take. Its not like KJ is really that well know. His last fight was against Nick Diaz, who sucks balls these days, 5 months ago. He needs all the publicity he can get.

  • Red headed stepchild = from Annie

    Seems like they think Noons deserves more because he’s so marketable

  • (which is stupid)

  • TKO Todd says:

    Does Noons think he has somewhere else to go? I mean he wouldn’t be a top 10 in the UFC. Why not get all the money you can from fat fuck Gary Shaw while being fed bottom feeders?

  • Shane says:

    “WWE on USA did numbers in the high 4’s, but on NBC it barely cracked a 2.1.”

    Broadcast and cable ratings are not the same thing. A 1.0 on NBC is not the same as 1.0 on USA. The actual number of viewers was around the same.

  • godzillad says:

    You better be Shane McMahon.

    And you’re wrong.

  • Atom says:

    Anyone know who’s correct?

    (RE: 1 on NBC vs 4 on USA)

  • Xavier says:

    Shane would be correct. WWE doesn’t do that many viewers when it comes to what passes the mustard on network television.

    “There’s so many differences between this and the WWE”

    Well, if there were ever a statement that confirmed that you don’t watch much EliteXC. The production, announcers (ALL three of them, not just WWE/WCW’s Goldberg), skanky dancers, and over the top ring-announcing are all more similar to the WWE than the UFC. Not to mention that Kimbo Slice looks and acts more like a cartoony WWE reject than he does an MMA fighter.

    Is the action inside the cage still MMA? Sure. But everything else about it smacks like wrestling.

  • The Gaijin says:

    – Shilling, hyperbolic announce team that’s sound likel they’re getting fed lines through their ear piece [check]
    – Tacky “Gladiator”-opening scene [check]
    – Skanky ring girls [check]
    – A few dozen heavily tattooed, marginal fighters from reality shows who all talk shit and try to act like WWE heels [check]
    – megalomaniac “owner”/”president” who steals the spotlight from fighters, tries to feud with fighters and generally acts like some cartoony WWE reject – world’s biggest a-hole [check]

    Pretty sure if anything looks more similar to WWE its the UFC.

  • Xavier says:

    Yes, because Gary Shaw isn’t five times the megalomaniac Dana White is, because EliteXC’s skankiestofalltime ring girls and “dance team” don’t exist, because they perhaps have the worst, most carny MMA three man booth in history, their production levels are worse than the IFL’s (which is a fucking accomplishment) and lastly, almost their entire roster is marginal, most of it is heavily tattoo’d and some of them are even Nazi’s.

    Wow, do you ever have some perspective, Fuckface Jones.

  • You might agree with Xavier, but if you don’t agree hardcore enough, you’re still a fuckface, fuckfaces!

  • D. Capitated says:

    I have to admit, seeing this post linked again with lots of folks displaying their vaunted PRO WRESTLING KNOWLEDGE to determine the EXC ratings is absolutely hilarious in retrospect. Stricto vive gladio…