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Mark Cuban: Zuffa Bondholder

Here’s an odd little something that’s kinda come out of nowhere: has learned that Mark Cuban is now a Zuffa bondholder. The size of Cuban’s position is unknown, however, being a bondholder has its privileges. In addition to potential financial returns, he now has access to Zuffa’s financial results. While he cannot make those results public, he will be able to closely monitor the company’s financial status.

For those of you who broke your parents hearts and enrolled in art classes rather than economics, a bondholder is someone who has lent a company money. I’m really interested in how Cuban managed to do this. For all of Dana’s mild indicators of respect for Mark, I kinda doubt he’d allow someone who effectively sleeps with half the UFC’s enemies to get the UFC’s financial information. My uneducated and very possibly wrong bet is perhaps he bought into one of the companies that lent Zuffa a few hundred million bucks last year so Dana and the gang could cash out.