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Mark Cuban to let the cat out of the bag tommorow

According to, there’s going to be a press conference tomorrow in Dallas to give everyone the scoop on Mark Cuban’s new MMA venture. As I mentioned before, Cuban’s HDNet already has tons of MMA on it, but it looks like he’s ready to dive into the sport and start making some waves. On hand will be Cuban, Guy Mezger, and “Main Event fighters for inaugural card at the American Airlines Center”.

So because I love speculation, lets see: Dana White was dumb and released Ken Shamrock. Ken Shamrock is butt buddies with Guy Mezger. Guy Mezger is now in charge of Mark Cuban’s MMA project. Can we expect a Shamrock sighting at the conference tomorrow? I’m not a betting man (losing both pinkies turned me off it), but if I was, I might put a few bucks down on yes.

Oh, and for all you aspiring MMA bloggers, here’s your chance to get in on the actions and ask the right questions. never seems to remove the media call phone numbers from their articles, so if you want to try and bust in on that shit, go do it. I managed to get in on the EliteXC conference call that way but all I did was breathe heavy and fantasize about Gina Carano.

  • kentyman says:

    Will you please admit that Gina is hotter than Roxy?

  • She wouldn’t be hotter after Roxy beat the shit out of her. Gina’s hot, no denying… but Roxy is a better fighter. I *challenge* Gary Shaw to put Gina in the ring against Roxy.

  • garth says:

    more promotions means more money for more fighters and more competition. can’t see anything bad other than shit like werdum-arlovski and griffin-ramirez, where a fighter seems to play it safe to keep big money open.
    bring pride yellow cards to UFC!

  • johnny says:

    anything to expand the MMA scale is always good news

  • kentyman says:

    If you just like good chick fighters, why not crush on Megumi Fujii?

  • I’ll be waiting (and maybe listening) to the announcement. It’ll be interesting to see just how committed Cuban is to MMA, it just sucks HDNet is a subscription channel.

  • johnny says:

    The thing with Roxy is that even though she looks like a butch version of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Square Pigs”, I’m willing to bet she has a tight pussy cuz she probably hasn’t been penetrated by many guys.

  • anderson says:

    johnny…..i like your style sir.