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Mark Cuban is putting out Ong Bak 2

Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior, released in 2003, was hailed in many corners as the most ass kicking, chest hair inducing action porn to happen in Asia since the illegal invasion of Cambodia (zing!).  Seanbaby over at Cracked does a fantastic job of explaining the awesomeness:

In one scene, he dumped his leg in oil, lit it on fire, did a 360 off a truck and kicked a guy with it.
For you ladies that don’t know anything about finishing moves, that’s like killing a guy so hard that four of his Facebook posts disappear.

‘But Subo,’ you’re saying, ‘there’s no American distribution channel for the sequel!’  Well, a) Jesus Christ you know a lot about the film industry.  And b)

The Wagner/Cuban Companies’ Magnolia Pictures announced today that it has acquired U.S. rights to the Thai martial arts epic Ong-Bak 2. The highly anticipated sequel to Ong Bak: The Thai Warrior, a big success for Magnolia and one the most exciting new action properties of the last decade, Ong-Bak 2 is directed by star Tony Jaa, and delivers even more impressive martial arts wizardry that its predecessor. The film was originally released in Thailand in December of 2008, a nd will be released theatrically by Magnet (Magnolia’s genre label) later this year.

Commence geeking out – and fire up a fatty for Mark Cuban, one of the best friends a sport could hope for.  Between HDNet and this, few are doing more random cool fight shit than the dude that ran a Dairy Queen for a day on a dare – although I can’t say I’m sad that his plans to enact the Mohamed Ali act for MMA and team up with the McMahons failed.