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Mark Cuban is Pokemon master of MMA – wants to ‘catch em all’

I should have figured that Mark Cuban lurks on the Sherdog forums. If he’s got enough time on his hands to read Fightlinker, he’s got enough time to keep an eye on Sherdog too. Forum members were trying to get an email campaign going to convince Cuban to air World Victory Road’s SENGOKU event on March 5th, but before it even got started Cuban appeared and asked them “Please dear God stop”:

no more emails
we were trying before the emails started. We want every good card anywhere in the world.
nothing ot announce, but we are after it
so no more please..

It is pretty exciting to hear the guy say “We want every good card anywhere in the world”. Even though I’m afraid he’ll accidentally murder MMA by fucking up the business model in the future, I can’t complain about his current strategy of “Show as much MMA as possible.”

  • Accomando says:

    Mark Cuban must never sleep.

  • Atom says:

    Billionaires on sherdog?
    That just doesn’t fit with my current understanding of the world.

    What does WVR have to lose by putting their card on HDnet?

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Mark Cuban does post on sherdog and I’ve seen him do so even before his HDNet Fights promotion took over. He joined Sherdog basically to spread word of mouth about HDNet Fights and MMA programming on HDNet. You have to respect that commitment. This guy is responsive to basically a hardcore segment of MMA forums on the internet. If fans post on the internet that DREAM or World Victory Road looks awesome and they want to see it, he’s on it.

    Dana White dicks around on The Underground but he’s not a billionaire dude on Forbes like Cuban is. Cuban is about as wealthy as two Fertitta brothers combined. Also Dana isn’t as interactive with the fans of his product as Cuban is. Dana pretty much shits on the internet community rather than embraces it. He forgot about the people who brought him to the dance back before the UFC had Spike TV. I do think he had every reason to be mad at Josh Gross though for posting spoilers for TUF 4.

    But Dana treats all internet MMA journalists like shit and prefers mainstream writers who don’t know shit about MMA so as long as they suck his dick. Though Dave Meltzer brings some credibility to Yahoo! Sports. I’m not a Mark Cuban nuthugger though. I’m critical about Cuban on some things, not just in MMA. But I prefer him to the Fertittas and Dana White by a long shot.

  • RoB says:

    Cuban if you read this we all love you, and you would be surprised what i will do for money. you should FLIM me. its worth a try right?

  • Xavier says:

    I hope Mark Cuban reads this site just so he has another place where he can read about how dumb that Jason Kidd trade was. Good one, moron.

  • RoB says:

    ^^ dont listen to him mark, we still love you.

  • TALC says:

    Hey Mark, if you’re reading this, can we PLEASE get HDnet here in Washington DC Comcast? Those bastards wont add you to their HD lineup no matter how many times Ive called. BTW, if any of you know of a way to get this done, I’d appreciate the advice.