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Mark Coleman vs Shogun Rua in the works

(won’t somebody think of the children???)

As if putting Mark Coleman in the ring with Brock Lesnar wasn’t blurring the line between matchmaking and manslaughter, now it looks like Mark might be facing off against Shogun Rua:

“I might face Mark Coleman on December, but nothing has been signed yet. He wanted to face me on November, and I really want to face him,” Rua told Tatame magazine.

“I hope this time he doesn’t run from me. He said no to me a couple of times, but I believe now it will happen.”

The last time the two faced off, Shogun broke his arm backwards by posting it during a takedown. This was followed by a near riot in the ring between the Chute Boxe and Hammer House camps. Ah, good times those were. Now it will be interesting to see if this fight manages to come together. Both these guys are mega-injury prone, with bones snapping and muscles popping and all sorts of other odd shit going down. What keeps causing that? Gee golly gosh, I have noooooo idea.

P.S. – Steroids.