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Mark Coleman vs Randy Couture?

Pfft, not likely. I’m a pretty big fan off MMAWeekly because they ask the fighters I wanna hear from the questions I want the answers from. Plus they’re not egotistical fucktards like the guys at Sherdog (except Jordan Breen – he’s so dreamy). However, the one thing I don’t like is their tendancy to suck some pretty smarmy cock from time to time. I’d dig up some examples but fuck you, I’m 7 hours into a 22 hour Law & Order marathon and can’t be bothered.

Anyways, back to Mark Coleman. Here’s the passage that has me shaking my head:

It could be argued that Couture has been more relevant to today’s mixed martial arts’ scene, but looking at the fight on paper they are roughly the same age, currently have identical 15-8 professional records, started their MMA careers in the UFC within a year of each other, and come from strong wrestling backgrounds. With the strong name recognition of each, it might be a fight that a segment of fans would want to see, although Coleman would likely have to take another fight in the UFC first. And that is all banking on the fact that Zuffa is willing bring him back to the Octagon.

Yeah, ‘it could be argued’. That’s like saying “I’m not about to say it, but I guess someone COULD say it.” Now I don’t want to come off sounding too negative (because this site is all about sunshine and puppies), but Mark Coleman is over the hill. And while I’m not against two over the hill fighters going at it (winner gets a rascal scooter and bumped up in line for a new kidney), Randy Couture isn’t exactly over the hill. Actually, last time I checked he was … um … Heavyweight champion of the world or some junk?

This just goes to show you how absolutely clueless Mark Coleman is to the reality of his own limitations. I remember thinking this same thought back when he went up against Fedor: Mark must either think the beating is worth the money/exposure, or he really thinks he can win (aka he’s delusional).

This is why the UFC doesn’t want to deal with guys like Coleman, Shamrock, and Frye : they still think they can bang with the top guns, and they consistently get the tar beaten out of them match after match. It’s only a matter of time before one of them just up and dies in the ring because they’re too stubborn to stop.

  • Swedish guy (forreal!) says:

    Good job today, on the spot on Coleman!

  • Jonathan says:

    God I remember that fight against Fedor when his daughters came into the ring and started crying…man that was depressing. And then Mark Coleman introduced them to Fedor and he was like “This is the nice man who just beat the living daylights out of me and nearly broke my arm” and Fedor was like “I must break your father” and the Coleman’s girls were like “Daddy needs to crosstrain” and Sakikabara could just sit there and nod appreciatively.

    Now that is one fucking funny post!

  • penxv says:

    I disagree here. I think that Coleman/Couture is interesting for alot of reasons.

    They are the same age, and while Couture’s apparent clean living and cerebral approach to fighting has kept him near the top, Coleman was always the better athlete by far and he was always one step ahead of Randy Couture.

    Coleman was a national champ not Randy. Randy was an Olympic alternate, Coleman made the team and placed in 92 (7th I think) and he would have contended w/ Angle in 96 if he hadn’t gotten kicked off of the team.

    Then Coleman became UFC heavyweight champ… then he went to Japan and won the grand prix there in a big upset.

    Coleman is the more imposing man for sure.

    Couture wins this fight by tiring Coleman… if he takes the bull by the horns he’ll get killed.

  • The fight is interesting, and I’d watch it for sure. But it’s really not that competitive and it doesn’t make any sense for the UFC to put one of their biggest assets on the line against a guy who’s urine probably melts the machines used to test for steroids.

    Perhaps if Randy loses two in a row I could see a match with Coleman happening. As it stands now I don’t see it happening.

  • intenso says:

    I agree with the general sentiment that there is no need to see old guys fighting. Randy is just a different beast. As good today as he’s ever been, maybe better. Just say no to Coleman, Shamrock, etc. There are enough exciting, good, young fighters out there to fill the rosters of all the organizations.

  • lazy larry says:

    Coleman is just lucky they take steroid tests after the fight or he’d never be able to fuck on this continent.. He’s soo roided up that he has a muscle growing under his fucking eye… he’s dick is probably the size of a needle by now..

  • Jonathan says:

    Did no one find my comments funny? I’m trying here.

  • @ Lazy Larry says:

    If you think Couture has never taken steroids you’re a fool. I’ve spoken to many college wrestlers and damn near all of them except the super light ones take them or have taken them for extended periods of time.

    And btw, steroids do not shrink your dick. Get a clue.

  • ShrunkenBalls says:

    They dont shrink your d!ck, they just shrink your Ba!!s into fuken marbles, good luck with that!

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