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Mark Coleman talks about his lucky break

I just finished watching the COuntdown to UFC 93 show, and my favorite part of it all was how Mark Coleman refused to acknowledge that his win over Shogun Rua was a total fluke. And here he is again, selling the same story to MMA Weekly:

“Look at the film. If he slaps an armbar on me and I spin the wrong way, and get armbarred and break my arm, I’m not going to blame it on luck,” he said. “This situation’s pretty much the same thing. I hit a single leg, double leg, switch it off to a double leg, and he posted his arm wrong. You don’t post your arm like that and I’m sure if he looked at the film, he’d realize it, so it did bother me.”

It wasn’t fate or luck that broke Rua’s arm that night in Japan, and Coleman is adamant about his win and the fortune that comes and goes in the sport of MMA.

“You create your own luck in this sport,” he said. “I hit the move on him, and he posted his arm wrong, and his arm broke. It was unfortunate, and even if it was lucky, like I said, you create your own luck here.”

See, to a certain degree I can understand what he’s saying because you could see it making a little bit of sense in other fluke fights. For example, look at Mike Brown vs Urijah Faber. Sure, Urijah literally knocked himself out by running into Brown’s fist. But Brown’s fist still had to be in the right place to make it worse. If Faber had bonked his face on Brown’s shoulder and still gone down, that would have been a fluke on par with Shogun’s arm snapping in half. I mean … how can you take credit for someone’s arm injury when you didn’t even touch the damn thing?

Oh on a side note, I know why the Countdown to UFC 93 show was only aired in the UK: it featured a huge amount of PRIDE footage, and funny enough the UFC isn’t allowed to use that much PRIDE footage in America because Fox Sports technically owns the rights somehow.