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Mark Coleman rides again!

MMA Mania got a pretty sweet scoop: an interview with Mark Coleman. In it there are two small quotes which have me thinking that perhaps Mark Coleman is gonna be a little bit tougher for Brock Lesnar than I’ve been giving him credit for:

I am gonna get a lot of people’s input on this. I’m going to go to a real training camp for once, and let somebody coach me. There’s many reasons why I haven’t done that in the past. But truth is, my game’s not where I want it to be right now. Still, you can’t look back and do things differently, you can’t change the past. But I got five months, and I plan on doing it right for the next five months. I’ve done pretty well doing things my way, but people have offered me their assistance — experts in the MMA field — and I’m gonna take advantage of it.

Right now I have five months, which I’ve never in my life had five months. That was the best thing about getting this call. With my most recent fights, I would get a call and it’s an opponent like a Fedor, a Cro Cop, a Nogueira. In all those fights, it was short notice.

And then there’s the one quote that makes me think maybe Coleman isn’t even going to make it to the Lesnar fight without breaking a hip or something:

I’ve done a lot of training on short notice, so I’ve trained a lot against machines, running against the hill and stuff like that. But the only way to really get better is by going against another man, if not two different men, if not three different men. It’s called shark bate. I gotta go back and get shark bated and take the risk of getting injured. If I don’t train 100 percent for Brock then I don’t stand a chance. But if I do train 100 percent, I still have to be smart, because at my age, the injuries just don’t heal up. So I gotta train harder and smarter than I did in the past.

(thanks to jackal Atom for the totally sweet Coleman Banana Rider picture. I’m gonna print it out and put it next to my bed.)

  • Anonymous says:

    Coleman will get injured 3 months into his 5 month training camp and have to pull out. What a shame.

  • Ross says:

    I had said I was hyped for this fight but Coleman was talking about dropping to 205 in that interview while Lesnar has to cut weight to make it to 265. Coleman has always been a guy who relied on his strength and size yet in this fight he’ll be giving up nearly 60 pounds, and it doesn’t matter what training camp he goes to because there’s no way he’ll improve enough to submit Lesnar. Sadly, I can now see this going like Kimbo-Tank. Lesnar will destroy him.

  • Xavier says:

    Coleman/Lesnar is Gracie/Hughes2K8.

    Putting the UFC poster boy over with a UFC hall of famer. Coleman probably wouldn’t have even been inducted into the HoF if it weren’t for him signing this contract to be fed to Lesnar. How’s that for cynicism?

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Yeah they had that same pic up on Cage Potato yesterday…

  • David Casey says:

    I am surprised nobody has spoken on the banana-dick Coleman is riding?

  • HexRei says:

    “Shark bate”? is that like the “shark tank” xtreme couture and some other camps use, where they have to fight one guy after another without breaks?

  • Atom says:

    I saw the picture on cage potato, too, but everyything online is pretty much just passed on from somewhere else.

  • shit, i think this is the first time we’ve ever (unintentionally) lifted anything from CP. Ooops, I say.

  • Atom says:

    sorry, should I have mentioned that I got it from CP?

  • Nah, tis all good, doesn’t matter. What’s one mark coleman banana picture between pals

  • This is the greatest picture of a guy riding a banana I have ever seen. EVER.