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Marcus Galvao: Not dead.

The WEC used some editing magic to keep you from seeing Marcus Galvao (left) shake like Michael J Fox after getting KO’d by Damacio Page (right). I wouldn’t have even thought anything was wrong but Page spent a few seconds of his post fight speech wishing Galvao a speedy recovery, which is never a good sign. MMA Weekly has the deets on how that went:

It appeared in the cage that Galvao’s body was seizing from the effects of the knockout, but following the event MMA Insider was able to ascertain that the fighter was okay and released from the hospital.

Galvao was taken to a local medical facility where he was given a CAT scan as a precaution following the KO, but all results came back negative and he was released before the post fight press conference had even ended.

There’s been much discussion on how Zuffa deals with guys who get KO’d hard. I think we all agree that editing them out and pretending nothing happened is not the best solution, but I’m at a loss for suggesting something better. Typically a fighter’s status isn’t ascertained until after the show is over, so you can either minimize the damaging footage and move on or show the horrorshow and have the announcer try to convince people that fighter safety is “the number one priority.” Either option isn’t exactly great.