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Marcus Davis responds to Dan Hardy; dreams of monkeys

Dan Hardy sort of called out Marcus Davis at the post fight presser for UFC 95. And by “sort of called out” I mean that somebody asked him about a potential fight with Davis and he gave a response. So maybe he didn’t exactly call him out. It’s just like when your friends ask if you hooked up after a date. You tell them “sort of” even though what really happened was the girl ran out of your apartment the moment you went in for a smooch, claiming she had to get home to take her “bowel medicine.” It makes it sound a little bit better than it actually was. Either way, here’s what Hardy had to say:

I certainly think it’d make an exciting fight. Without a doubt, Marcus is a great fighter to watch. I’m a fan of his. I like watching all of his fights. He’s had a couple of fights in the UK, and he’s kind of building himself a fan base, but he’s not English; he’s not Irish. I was born here, and I’ve been bred here. I don’t mind taking on that challenge and showing him this is my home and not his.

Marcus Davis is never one to shy away from building up any future fights. His “conspiracy” with Chris Lytle ended in not only Joe Silva booking the fight but with Davis getting the W after three pretty exciting rounds. The fight wasn’t exactly Hagler/Hearns or Bonnar/Griffin as Davis advertised, but it turned out to be an entertaining scrap nonetheless. Here’s Davis on the UG forum giving his take on the potential match-up:

I’m not going to get on here and talk at all about the Irish Vs American crap. Its old news. All I will say is I told Joe Silva to make this happen for June 13th in Germany- neutral ground for both of us. So it is in Joe Silva’s control. This whole “calling me out” thing started at the Q&A in London when his manager sent up a guy to ask me if I would fight Dan and I said lets do it. I think he is a talented fighter but I also think I will pound his face into dust. Anyone who thinks he’s more technical then me- you are allowed to your opinion even though it is wrong. I fight each fight differently because YOU HAVE TO. This fight wont look like the others just as the others don’t look like the ones before them.

There you have it. While Hardy thinks Davis is exciting, he’s none too happy about how Davis has Irish ancestry. How dare he use his background to gain fans in Ireland. It’s not like Hardy’s popularity in England is partly based off of the fact that he’s a local boy or anything. Davis, on the other hand, thinks Hardy is talented but believes the Brit’s face would turn into dust if the two were to fight in the cage. That sounds fun but I think the ref would stop the fight before Hardy’s face became dust. Especially if the ref is Marc Goddard.

Davis also thought one fan’s prediction that Hardy would knock him out in the first round was laughable. Literally. He even put LOL in there to let you know he thought it was funny.

KO in 1 round…I’ve never been koed before but HE’s gonna do it…. not only do it… but in the 1st round….LOL

This should be enough to get this fight booked, even though neither guy has the smack-talking skills of Josh “Eighties Movie High School Bully” Barnett. The fight should be pretty entertaining as neither guy is known for having boring fights and the winner will move closer to the top of the 170 pound rankings.

‘The Irish Hand Grenade’ also commented on his intent to purchase a primate.

I wont have a chimp – I’m now thinking orangutan- like “>Clyde from Every Which Way series. It’s my new dream.

To the first person to say “an orangutan isn’t a monkey” in the comments, fuck you.