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Marcus Davis posturing once again

Everyone’s favorite faux-Irishman is already going for the jugular: Marcus “Lucky Charms” Davis says Dan Hardy won’t stand and trade with him. Fight Hype gets the scoop:

I think that he’s smoking crack because he can’t stand and trade with me… He’s a talented fighter, but I’m a better fighter. I’ve heard him take shots at my speed or whatever, that I’m not that quick. Well, whatever; we’ll find out. I’m fast enough to catch him.

It’s starting to sound like the boy who cried wolf’s broken record. Yes, we get it Marcus, your standup is untouchable. But this is MMA. Stop with the “everyone who won’t box me is a wussy” game. YOU won’t even box with guys that can strike. Here are some examples:

  • You pulled a Machida against Chris Lytle
  • You wanted NONE of Pete Spratt standing
  • You (finally) got Paul Taylor down after getting your head caved in

I bet he’d say Guillard and Swick fought him like women since they took him down. Enough is enough Marcus. Some of us are getting a little annoyed. Not only for that, but for the whole “I’m Irish grrrrr” thing that keeps getting shoved down our throats:

“June [in Germany] would be the best time for me, and the reason why is because it’s on neutral ground,” Davis said. “They could even call it ‘UFC Whatever: Neutral Ground.’

“Neutral ground”? I’m pretty sure Ireland would be that too, since neither of you are from there either.