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Marcus Davis knocks British hygiene

I promised myself that I wouldn’t pay any attention to Marcus Davis’ latest attempt to hype up his fights, but this back and forth shit talking between him and Dan Hardy is getting pretty awesome. Here’s the latest quotable notables Davis served up on the Setanta Ultimate Talk show:

“He said some things making fun of me, like my website looks like St. Patrick’s Day. Telling me that I better be training, I better be in good shape, that I need to learn how to speak so I can hype up the fight like he is.”

“I let my fighting do the hyping. I’m not going to do what he does. He’s treating this like it’s some WWF thing, running around with his mohawk and his bad teeth and telling everyone he’s going to do this and do that to me.”

Michael Bisping, who was in studio, chimed in saying that the “bad teeth” comment was out of line.

Between the picture above and this picture, I’d say that Hardy’s teeth aren’t perfect but don’t exactly belong in the Big Book of British Smiles. I’d bet that even with his bucktooth and bend-bottom snaggletooth he still got 1000 times more sex than I did when I was a braced up 16 year old. Bastard.

(Oh lookit, an awesome MMA picture! Is it any surprise that it’s by Esther Lin? No, it is not.)