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Marcus Davis is an idiot

If you want another reason to hate Marcus Davis and you aren’t Irish, how about the latest quote that makes him sound utterly retarded.

We joked last show about how both Lytle and Davis are essentially gate keepers at different rungs in the welterweight ladder. Davis is rung #6, while poor old Lytle is stuck at #7. In order to shake things up and destroy the monotony that is their fight careers, the powers that be decided to honor Lytle’s request to call out the most logical person for him to fight “The Irish Handgrenade”.

But Davis apparently hasn’t read his job description, and is basically asking Lytle (who used to be a boxer) to stand up with him and trade. Here’s what he said on TAGG radio (courtesy of MMAJunkie):

“We like each other, we respect each other, but we want to have that fight. And my pitch to Chris is, ‘The first guy that starts grappling is a pussy, so let’s not do that. Let’s just stand up and just beat the hell out of each other. If we get in a clinching scenario, and somebody wants to throw somebody or whatever, go ahead and do it. But let’s not try to finish it on the ground. Let’s stand up, and let’s bang it out.’

I can understand that Marcus wants to put on a good fight, and feels as though the best way to achieve this is through a slugfest. I agree with him, but I’m just a stupid fucking fan. After all the Standgate bullshit, it would be smart of him to simply keep his mouth shut. It’s obvious Lytle wants to trade as well, and both need to keep this exciting if they want to move up.

I also think that calling people who grapple and go to the ground “pussies” deserves to be punished with a brutal armbar, or possible Gogoplata. By opening his stupid mouth, he’s just invited every BJJ expert at 170 to bring him down and submit the shit out of him. Any takers?