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The Marcus Davis Gay Photoshop contest

A few days ago, Marcus Davis was asked rather innocently on twitter by some random person if he wanted a rematch with Dan Hardy sometime in the future. His response? “I hope Hardy dies of aids.” He followed this up with the explanation “Dark&Bad taste-thought it was fitting after he did the gay photos towards me which is worse IMO this was words those pics are up for life.”

So for those of you trying to figure out how smack scoring works in Marcus Davis’ mind: some light hearted gay shoops are way worse than wishing death on a guy via a horrible wasting disease. Fortunately, despite Marcus spending a lot of time in Ireland he has yet to capture a leprechaun and therefore cannot make his AIDS wishes a reality. So Hardy is safe … for now!

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the UFC should step in like they did with Frank Mir, but personally I’m a big believer in the community dealing with it’s own with stuff like this. So I’m starting another t-shirt contest: I think we need more gay pictures of Marcus Davis out there. Photoshop the best pictures of Marcus Davis being mega gay and win a shirt. The best three submissions win, and after that we’ll take all the entries and hurl them across the internet with the goal of making sure any time someone types ‘Marcus Davis’ into google, the gay pictures come up.

So post links to your Marcus Davis photoshops in the comments or email them to me. We’ll run the contest for the next week and pick the winners on Friday March 12th.

*UPDATE* Download the Marcus Davis Headpack!