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Marcus Davis’ book has rapes and stabbings in it

You can add Marcus Davis to the list of fighters who trying to cash in with an MMA autobiography of his own. And while Davis might not have the fame or notoriety many of the other fighter-cum-writers enjoy, he does promise his book will come with many interesting seedy tales.

Tito Ortiz wrote about being exposed to his parent’s drug use on a regular basis, and Matt Hughes chronicled being drenched in the post-boob job blood of his wife during sex (I still have nightmares about that one). What does Marcus have that can live up to that?

“If you think you know my background, if you read it you won’t believe half of it. No-one saw my face until I was 7, I wouldn’t go out without some kind of mask…I was a real odd kid. I saw abuse as a kid, ended up being a bit of a punk, actually a real punk, I was locked in juvie for a while,” Davis revealed in a recent chat with Fighters Only.

“I’ve seen rapes, some crazy stuff. I’ve been shot at a few times, stabbed twice. If you read it you might get an idea of why I do what I do.”

Davis wouldn’t give too much else away about the contents of the book, but we do know it features plenty of information on his mother – an arm-wrestling champion in their local area – and his time as a bouncer and bar owner in Maine.

So this is Halloween meets Over the Top with Road House and rapes (plural). Okay, not too bad, Marcus. Not too bad.