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Marcus Aurelio rises again

Whew. Things weren’t looking too good at first for Marcus Aurelio when he arrived in the UFC. His initial fight was a dismal decision performance against Clay Guida, and even a solid KO versus Luke Caudillo at UFC78 wasn’t enough to get him out of the dark matches at last week’s UFC Fight Night event. Fortunately it looks like the Marcus we saw versus Ryan Roberts looked more like the Marcus who beat Takanori Gomi than the one who lost to Guida … he pulled off one of the sickest armbars I’ve seen in a while.

Now it seems like he’s back into favor with UFC brass, because they’re looking to match him up against Tyson Griffin at UFC 86. I’m down with seeing that fight, but once again I’m left shaking my head at what the fuck is going on with the UFC’s booking of lightweight fighters. Ram (hehe) over at 5 Ounces had to write a novel comparing all the guys currently in lightweight title contention because there’s so damn many of them. But instead of Joe Silva booking those contenders against eachother to determine a clear cut #1 contender, he’s once again got a guy currently on the outside (Aurelio) facing someone currently on the inside (Griffin).

Anyways, I’m not going to bitch too much because the match really does have the potential to be fight of the night. But it’s still kinda stupid.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Add a 145 division to the UFC so that light lightweights can move down and make room for everyone

  • Atom says:

    To be fair, I’ve never trained BJJ in my life, but I could watch that thing 50 times and still not get how he trapped the arm and rolled across to the correct side to get that armbar. Just sick.

  • Ram says:

    Silva’s got these guys muttering how only the penitent man will pass, and you could argue it worked on Frankie Edgar. May as well get that loss out of the way and get back to the shop and fix what’s wrong before his title shot. Otherwise, you know…he may Stevenson his chance.
    (Stevenson [verb]: to “Munson” something in MMA)

    That headstand armbar is so sick it’s disgusting. I could watch that for hours…

  • mike o says:

    [04:23:15 PM] Michael: they’ve gone downhill now tho
    [04:23:23 PM] Michael: i mean i should probably start reading other mma sites
    [04:23:50 PM] Michael: because most of their shit is just regular mma news with some cussing and some random crass bias
    [04:24:16 PM] Michael: its like “and heres some stupid tidbit about kim couture AND WE DONT LIKE HER BLAH BLH YOKO ONO”
    [04:25:05 PM] Michael: and “the latest development is that fedor is in talks with XXX AND LIKE I’VE SAID 10 TIMES BEFORE HE IS TOO EXPENSIVE AND RUSSIANS ARE CRAZY”

  • Zane says:

    FL in the post u had about Gray Maynard I made a comment about Aurelio asking what you thought of him? I think the guy is going to be a force in the years to come, he has a great skill set.

  • He’s kinda inconsistent … really good when he’s aggressive but when he’s defensive he’s just TERRIBLE. I’ve only seen his fights over the past two-three years though, so that’s what i’m basing that on

  • smoogle says:

    Aurelio is an unworthy match for Griffin? Seems like I “learn” something every time I visit this site

  • Tommy says:

    I told you that boys got talent.