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Manny drops to featherweight

One of the several unintended consequences of Zuffa splitting its divisions between the UFC and WEC is that many fighters in the UFC’s 155 division shouldn’t really be there … they should be down at 145 in the WEC. But since the WEC is still small fry and half their shows are held in a building smaller than a high school gymnasium, most of these undersized UFC fighters are holding on for dear life refusing to make the drop.

So instead of being meanies and forcing these guys down, the UFC has to wait until they lose a fight or two and then give a choice: drop or be dropped. That seems to be what’s happened with TUF 5 runner up Manny Gamburyan, who’ll now be part of the WEC’s featherweight division:

“I don’t know if the cut is going to be hard or easy – I haven’t made 145 in almost 10 years – but I’m going to do it in a good way,” he told on Wednesday. “I’m going to put together a beautiful training (camp).”

“There are a lot of good guys at 145 also,” he said. “Mike Brown, Leonard Garcia, Urijah Faber, Jens Pulver. But I think my ability to drop to 145 – I’m going to be a lot stronger, and quicker. At 155, my technique is my advantage, because the day I’m fighting, I’m 160, 162. The guys are outweighing me by at least 20 pounds every fight, so I don’t think that’s fair.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound fair at all. They should create weight classes or something to keep that kind of shit from happening.