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Manhoef replaces LeBanner in freakshow; starts filling out hospital papers now

According to MMA Junkie, Jerome LeBanner is unable to compete against Mark Hunt because of the flu and Melvin Manhoef is the replacement.

They point out a very significant fact:

PRIDE and DREAM veteran Hunt will carry a significant weight advantage into the bout.

I don’t reaffirm that fact to bring attention to Mark’s weight issues, but because Manhoef is a 83kg fighter. I assume Melvin will come in around 215 pounds if he’s lucky. If so, he’ll still be about 100 pounds lighter than Hunt. For a guy who’s chin is as bad as Jonathan Goulet’s, fighting a world champion kickboxer with a weight advantage of half your body is not going to end well (think Goulet vs Ludwig in a ring).

But then again Melvin is 5’8 and Hunt is 5’10.   Just thought that was worth mentioning too.