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Manhoef knocks out Hunt in 18 seconds

Mark Hunt has only been KO’d twice in 50 fights, and is generally known for having one of the hardest motherfucking chins in the world. We’re talking about a guy who ate a Crocop kick to the head and shrugged it off like it was no big deal. So imagine my surprise when Melvin Manhoef, a dude who weighs over 100 pounds less than Hunt, managed to take Hunt out in 18 seconds with two punches!

Here’s how it went: Manhoef started quickly and tried to circle Hunt, Hunt cut Manhoef off and bum rushed him into a corner. But on the way in Melvin fired off two bombs that smashed into Hunt’s jaw, dropping the big Samoan. On the replay you could see the damage: the first one probably stunned him but the second one went straight through Hunt’s jaw to jiggle the fat on the back of his neck. I have to imagine it wasn’t just Melvin’s rock hard hands that did the trick … you also had 300 pounds moving forward at god knows how many miles an hour.

All in all, another shocking finish to a night full of them. Now if only Melvin can work his way up to blue belt in jiu jitsu and maybe he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. As for Mark Hunt, this is loss #4 in a row in MMA. Perhaps he should stick with kickboxing, although after seeing that knockout….

This has been a bad year for all the fighters I loved from 5 years ago.