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Mamed Khalidov has some good style

Sengoku 11 (remember, it’s not Sengoku Raiden Championships till 2010) was originally supposed to have a big fight between Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett for the Sengoku Steroid Suspension Exile belt, but that got scrapped with Silva returning to America to take on Fabricio Werdum at Strikeforce’s CBS event on November 7th. Josh Barnett … who knows what he’s up to but he recently cobbled together some motivational quotes on Myspace such as “Nice guys don’t just finish last they get mutilated, torn apart and their heads put on pikes for the world to see.”

Anyways, if you look a little closer at the Sengoku card, you can still find a few interesting fights, like Mamed Khalidov vs Jorge Santiago. Whenever I used to see some scrappy European like Khalidov – a Chechen specifically – I figured eh, he’ll get his when he starts fighting some big name guys. And that’s probably true since he’s facing off with Jorge Santiago, who currently holds Sengoku’s middleweight belt and has been making about as much noise as you can in smaller orgs over the past two years.

This won’t be a title fight either because the Japanese smoke a special kind of crack or because Santiago has a strange idea of what ‘taking on all challengers’ means, but it will be interesting to see what happens regardless. Khalidov’s record and the video above are pretty impressive, but can he pull that shit off outside of a ring in Poland? I guess we’ll see next month at Sengoku 11.