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“Majority of New Yorkers Oppose Legalizing Ultimate Fighting”

I don’t think this will affect MMA’s bid to get legalized in New York, but here’s something that should remind you how far we have to go as a sport to get past the Human Cockfighting stigma attached to the sport: a poll has just come out showing 68% of New Yorkers don’t want MMA legalized. More numbers:

According to the poll, more women oppose the sport than men. The poll says that 82 percent of women disagree with legalizing ultimate fighting. Approximately 55 percent of men were opposed to the sport.

Older people were more in favor of keeping ultimate fighting banned than younger people. Around 50 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 29 said they would want to legalize the sport, while 50 percent say they would not support adding mixed martial arts to the state’s sports lexicon.

Around 82 percent of pollsters over the age of 60 were against ultimate fighting coming back to the state, 73 percent of voters aged 45 to 59 opposed it, and 54 percent of those aged 30 to 44 disagreed with Paterson’s decision to legalize the sport.

According to the poll, “More voters in New York City compared with those in its suburbs and upstate oppose mixed martial arts.” In New York City, 74 percent opposed legalization.

Luke Thomas chimes in at the bottom of the article wondering if the questions were slanted more “Are you okay with the government legalizing evil no holds barred bloodsports” than “Should the state legislate MMA”, but I think this points towards how most people know jack shit about MMA and if asked are generally against the sport because ‘fighting is bad’. It also points towards the fact that the majority of people who answer these things are ignorant old idiots with nothing better to do with their time than answer phone surveys.