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Major fight announcement: Luke Rockhold vs Lorenz Larkin

Hey man, it is what it is. Taking into account the Strikeforce roster is thinner than Nicole Richie, this isn’t a terrible fight. Lorenz Larkin earned his shot by beating Robbie Lawler back in July. Sure, one could argue that Lawler is a one trick pony whose best days are behind him, but he’s still pretty good at that one trick, and Larkin beat him at it. Now Larkin must face a guy who has taken the time to actually learn how to grapple, and seeing as how the only blemish on LL’s record (a loss later ruled a No-Contest after King Mo popped for roids) came from getting effortlessly taken down and mauled by a good grappler, that may not be such a good thing. Still though, this is a huge opportunity for Larkin. Even if he loses, he can impress and maybe earn himself a slot in the UFC after Strikeforce is mercifully put down. This baby is going down November 3rd and will be backing up Daniel Cormier vs Frank Mir.