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Okay boys and girls, we promised we’d make the reader mailbag a regular thing on the Low Blow radio show, and so we shall. The first Low Blow of every month will feature the Mailbag segment, where we turn our topics of conversation over to you to decide. What subjects do you want us to put our immense mental capacities behind? What mysteries of MMA do you burn to know the answer to? Whatever you want to know, we’ll ask Jordan Breen for the answer and then pretend we knew it first.

And just like the last time, the person who asks the best question gets a free t-shirt. What kind of t-shirt? I dunno, whatever shirt we’re currently digging at the moment. Last month’s free shirt went to DJ Hapa and it was one of those cool Team Quest ones. Perhaps this month we’ll send out one of the new American Fighter shirts. Or one of these bad boys. That’s the one Jordan asked for in exchange for his help.

Regardless, wether you win a shirt or not, you can sleep better at night knowing your questions have directly help stop the spread of AIDS in Africa, provided humanitarian aid in Darfur, and single handedly repaired the damage to New Orleans caused by Katrina. God bless you all.

**NOTE** All questions should be submitted by 6pm to be considered for the show. We’ll only announce the winner on the radio show, so you suckers HAVE to listen now. Haha, it was a trap all along.

**NOTE 2** Yeah, just post the questions in this thread. So it’s not really a ‘mailbag’ is it? Ah well.

  • Matt says:

    I think you should give out an official Ken Shamrock purple robe.

  • People Person says:

    Where are we supposed to send our questions to? Do we just ask them in this thread?

  • MJC_123 says:

    ^^^And we have a winner People Person in best question ever.

    Because you ignored it last time I will ask again, Whats happening in the UFC one year from now…Who’s champions?….Who’s fought who?….Come on predict your asses off.

    If I don’t win I know its because your too cheap to post stuff to England

  • TIGERTAO says:

    OK guys, who would you rather see fight; Fedor Vs Couture in the UFC or; Gina Carano Vs your Girlfriends in Ultimate Submission?

  • Oh MJC … there’s shitty clothing companies in the UK too. We’d just order something from a British store.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Also, if you found yourself in a weird twisted MMA prison of the future and you had to be a Fighters bitch to survive, who’s bitch would you be and why?

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    whats the best and worst marketing gimmick Dana White has, or has tried to, use?

    Frank Trigg on a reality tv show trying to bang Jerry Hall?
    Nick Diaz on Blind Date?
    TUF losers (ex: Gay Rory, Josh Haynes, etc) wasting time in the octagon?
    TUF winners fighting cans (jorge rivera, elvis sinosec, etc)?
    Claiming Fedor wants no part of Tim Sylvia?
    Paying Kevin Iole to flatter himself?
    Swearing on the TUF show trying to act tough?

    or any of the other 10 billion schemes hes concocted

  • garth says:

    what’s a bad bay?

  • kentyman says:

    What’s your favorite binge-drinking beer?

    Natty Light for me.

  • Thomas says:

    If you can pick any D level fighter to magically transform into a good fighter who would it be and why?
    For Example, Ross Pointon, Justin McCully, Rich Gannon, Andy Wang, Danny Abbadi, Eddie Sanchez, Elvis Sinosic and your favorite Junior ASSuncao

  • TJ from the north says:

    Should UFC try to add a little more show? PRIDE was maybe to much show and all but it was still entertaining. I miss those flashy intros in the UFC the only one who even has one that differs from the rest is Chuck and its just lame. Compare that shit to something like fedors intro

  • Mobb Deep says:

    How do you think Fedor will do in the UFC if he signs? Will he go the way of Cro Cop or Rampage?

  • Matt says:

    Don’t feel bad if you guys can’t handle this. It takes alot of thought..
    Using the UFCs weight classes who would be your top fighter in each class IF the weigh-ins were held on fight day?.. That would mean cutting anything over 2-3-4lbs would be tough to regroup from.

  • Mike O says:

    If you could take two fighters at the weigh-ins, make a clone of each of them thats an exact copy of each, and then have the clones fight to the death in MMA combat with no gloves and no rules and no rounds and no refs, in a cage, who would you line up for this event?

    UFC 80: To the fucking death
    Fedor Emelianenkov vs Giant Silva (one for the japs. There is no tapout escape for you this time Giant Silva!!!!)
    Wanderlei Silva vs a deaf and blind guy with no idea whats going on
    Mauricio Shogun Rua vs Mark Coleman (while mark’s children scream in horror in the audience asking why that man is killing daddy)
    Quinton Jackson vs Mark Hunt (slugfest to the deathhhhh)
    Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
    Hong man Choi vs Kid Yamamoto

  • ThePlague says:

    Will Crocop’s nasal surgery improve his stamina in bed as well as in the octagon?

  • stellar53 says:

    What can I do to convince you to join the Dark Side?
    If you were forced to have sex with Kevin Iole or a sheep, which one would you pick?
    What round do you think Vera will put Sylvia asleep?
    Where the hell is Sakurai?

  • body-shots says:

    Don’t feel bad if you guys can’t handle this. It takes alot of thought..
    Using the UFCs weight classes who would be your top fighter in each class IF the weigh-ins were held on fight day?.. That would mean cutting anything over 2-3-4lbs would be tough to regroup from.

  • The Citizen says:

    If UFC booked Couture (a non-olympian praying for the chance to compete in the olympics who now kicks but) and Kurt Angle (a gold medalist gone bad) do you think UFC could actually build up this fight, or just dump it out like the dookie we have been accustomed to?

  • Mike O says:

    If you could send one fighter back in time to fucking dominate UFC 1, who would it be?

    My pick: Sakuraba in his prime