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Mailbag time

A new month means a another Fightlinker mailbag radio show! On top of this excitement, there’s a couple of new mailbag related points that I wanted to make:

1. We will be doing a special part of the show with top 135 pound female fighter Roxanne Modafferi, so if you have questions about Roxy, about Japan, or about being Roxy in Japan, go nuts! These questions need to be submitted by 6PM EST today if you want them to be answered.

2. Past that, regular MMA questions and the inevitable “Are you gay?” questions for Ryan and Jake can be submitted until noon tomorrow when we record the rest of the show.

3. Last but not least, we’ll be starting a regular mailbag post soon as well where all the writers answer your questions. Imagine the Sherdog Doggy Bag, but less holier than thou. Details coming later this week.