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Maia vs MacDonald in the battle for 4th or 5th or 6th place or something

What do you do when you have two middleweights who suck major balls on their feet? Throw them up against eachother and see what happens. Thus is my reasoning for the newly minted Demian Maia vs Jason MacDonald fight, slated for UFC 87.

Mind you, I’m perfectly willing to admit that my opinion of these two’s striking is tainted by the fact that I’m comparing them to Rich Franklin and Anderson Silva. It’s to the point where I look at every middleweight fighter in terms of how badly Rich and Andy would kick their asses, which isn’t really fair. Still, it’s hard to care about all these guys who’ll never be real contenders scrambling down at the bottom for 3rd and 4th place.

  • pauli says:

    the problem is that the ufc’s middleweight division is its own farm league.

  • MarleyMarl says:

    Demian Maia’s submission of Ed Herman was pretty sick though

  • Dangerfield says:

    What a freak Jason MacDonald is. He shaves his arm pits. Wouldn’t be surprised if they found a bunch of dead hookers under his house. Look at that picture he has no armpit hair.

  • Nachtfalter says:

    I’m actually pretty much all over Maias nuts because I love technical ground fighting and his Jiu-Jitsu is just off the hook. Sure, anyone with half-decent striking would beat him, Anderson would totally kill him (but then again, that goes for pretty much everyone at 185). Anyway, for now, I’m really looking forward to what should be a very interesting ground battle and to Demian bending some of Jasons bodyparts in ways that egotistical Canadian cock didn’t think possible before.

  • occmsrazr says:

    silva loses to guys who fight off their backs. besides the first loss of his career, the other two losses due to fighting manuevers (as in not getting DQ’d for KO’ing the other guy with a sweet move) were both submissions executed by an opponent on his back.

    both maia and macdonald fight very well off their backs.

    even if one of them fighting for the title would be a massacre by silva, it would have an element of intrigue and come on, massacres by silva are fucking awesome to watch.

    good fight if you ask me.