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Machida gets his shot

So, it’s confirmed: Quinton Jackson is out, Lyoto Machida is in. As for the why:

White said Wednesday that Jackson was examined on Tuesday in Las Vegas and it was discovered he had torn ligaments in his jaw. He also has a hyperextension of his left elbow.

Jackson will have surgery next week and will not be allowed contact for at least five weeks following.

So I think this will mark the first time in the history of the universe that I won’t be praying for Rashad Evans to lose. This might suck in the short term for the UFC but work out down the road. Quinton Jackson loves wading in to throw punches and Lyoto Machida loves it too, since dudes that do it end up getting knocked out. Rashad Evans on the other hand has a few more tricks up his sleeve, courtesy of his coach and the fact that he’s better rounded (shit, who’d have thought I’d ever say that).

So in a way, this fight might actually be good. Rashad beats Machida, Quinton beats Rashad, and then we’ve dealt with all the unpopular champs and contenders and can go back to dumbass big money shit like Rampage / Liddell 3 or Rampage / Griffin 2. And maybe – just maybe – Anderson Silva will finally move up to 205 for his own shot at things.

Or Machida could beat Rashad, beat Quinton, the world could sink into eternal darkness and the End of Days will occur. It’s a coin toss at this point.