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JackalTV: Machida Bitch!

Above: The History of Machida Pt.1 Since it’s the Era of Machida I guess it might be nice to know the past of the new King.

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History of Machida pt.2: Even more Machida Madness

Brett Rogers Hightlight: Since he’s fighting Andrei next week this video is a nice refersher course on Grim

Nick Diaz Ain’t No Bitch: No he isn’t but he also ain’t no genius


  • Shinzo Machida vs Rafiq… I guess not all Machida’s are made equally
  • Diaz vs Shamrock

History of Machida pt.2

Brett Rogers Hightlight

Nick Diaz Ain’t No Bitch

Shinzo Machida vs Rafiq

Diaz vs Shamrock