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M1 and Fedor get their signals mixed

Man, is there anything M1 can do that doesn’t come off as sketchy? First, Fedor puts up some weirdo message on the M1 site saying “I want to fight on NYE and M1 is okay with this!”. Now M1 is coming out and saying “Yeah, that would be nice … but no it’s not happening”. This is despite the report that an organization in Japan put forward an offer for Fedor to fight. M1 prez Monte Cocks had this to say:

“There was an offer. We looked at it. We tried to see if it was possible,” he admitted. “But in the end, there just wasn’t enough time to pull it off.

Yeeeeaah. Suuuuuure. Two months isn’t long enough to sort out a booking that Fedor wants to fight in Japan. Fuck … the Japanese practically wrote the book on last second bookings. Promotions just put out a poster with 200 fighters and then pick whoever needs rent/blow/juice money four days before the show.

I don’t blame M1 for canning the Fedor NYE fight … it’s a stupid idea considering M1 needs Fedor healthy and undefeated for a potential February show. I’m sure the executives running the show would rather eat a big pile of anal butter than have Fedor drop his #1 status before they even got to use him. I just find it funny that these guys are so disorganized that situations like this are already happening.

  • kentyman says:

    If by “pile” you mean “cup”, I think I know what that would look like.

    Jesus, first post again? Who am I, garth?

  • dignan says:

    M1 was probably just a veil/shell for an organization setup for the UFC would have to buy them out for a few millions bucks, since they have Fedor.

    I was hoping there would be some huge New Year’s event, but depending on the UFC to come through is pointless. Yay! Matt Serra and Hughes.

    It’s pretty disappointing to think it’s been almost a year since Fedor’s last decent fight against Mark Hunt.

  • This continues to prove my point that Fedor will be doing porn by 2009. Not signing with the UFC has made him completely irrelavent.

  • Accomando says:

    Fedor will only do porn as long as the porn company is willing to hire the rest of the Red Devils.

  • Jonathan says:

    Can you imagine a Fedor porn movie? That thing would be totally fucking hilarious as well really damn hot. “Two girls, a cup, and Fedor” I can see it now!

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    “Two girls, One Fedor”

    i think i know who the two girls are…. the FL boys

  • Audacity says:

    By poster of 200 fighters, did you mean roster?

  • hbdale309 says:

    You gotta think Fedor is already regretting this whole M1 thing. Your management would never screw you, Fedor. They’re like family. You can trust them.

    I’m just waiting for another Brandon Vera(but uglier) situation to hit the fan, b/c this M1 situation is just going to get worse and worse. Dana would never work w/ Fedor’s management again so the only chance we have of seeing him fight the best(and become relevant again) in the UFC is for Fedor to dump Finkelstein, leave Red Devil, and finish out his M1 contract which will prolly end in a court battle. Expect things to not get boring.

  • hbdale309 says:

    “By poster of 200 fighters, did you mean roster?”

    No, he means poster. Pride would put out posters before upcoming events w/ loads of fighters on them, and by event time, like 4 out of those 16 advertised guys would actually be on the card.