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M-1 takes stupid to a whole new level

Words can no longer adequately express the hilarity that has ensued from the whole M-1 / Fedor debacle. From the start I had a pretty good idea that the whole thing would be a disaster, but I never imagined it would hit this level of ineptitude. The latest chapter goes thusly:

Despite the announcement of an agreement last October between Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) and M-1 Global, the deal was never signed, a source close to both camps told

The Russian heavyweight’s only agreement with the company — according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity — came in the form of a letter of intent.

The return of a $1.5 million signing bonus paid by M-1 Global to Emelianenko is the only hurdle to the former Pride champion’s potential free agency. That should be remedied this week, the source said.

M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox declined to comment.

I really don’t know what to say about this. What the fuck are all the Americans in M-1 Global doing on a daily basis? I really hope the company is just some kind of side project. Because if Monte Cox and the rest of them are actually spending Monday to Friday 9-5 working on M-1 Global, then they really suck at life.

In other news, Monte Cox just did a press conference naked. When asked why, he said “Huh? I’m not naked. Oh. Uhm. I planned to be naked. Uuuuh. No comment.”

  • MJC_123 says:

    I am starting a major fight organisation in England called MikeFightsNow or MFN as its known.

    For the opening show I have
    Lidell vs Silva II
    Kid Dynamite vs Anderson Silva
    Rampage vs Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle

    The only flaw being I have no contracts, but im getting a logo sorted and website and can put a few press releases out soon.

  • Captain says:

    Monte’s just a figurehead. It’s those squirrelly Russians.

  • Ark says:

    Do you remember when everyone praised Monte Cox for being a management genius, and claimed “he wouldn’t be putting his good name on the line if this were not a sure thing”?

  • Well I’m sure that’s why they tricked him into getting involved. I look forward to hearing stories about this from him 5 years from now

  • Ark says:

    It would be funny if they chose him because he’s notorious for not signing contracts with the fighters he manages. I guess it doesn’t work as well when he’s the one paying signing bonuses.

  • dignan says:

    As much as I want to see Fedor whoop ass on a quality opponent, or get his ass unlikely whooped…right now he can go suck Kalib Starnes axe-gash.

    Fuck him and all his Sambo mind tricks.

    I’m not falling for it anymore, no matter how many 7’5 Asian dudes he takes down.

  • Xavier says:

    the deal was never signed…
    The return of a $1.5 million signing bonus…

    Hahahaha. I love crash and burn MMA start-ups. Here’s a signing bonus, please sign someday please? That’s great, Monte Cox is a fuckin’ genius. This really takes the piss out of Tim Sylvia’s “Well, my manager is the lead guy at M1 so…” comments.

  • Atom says:

    “I’m not falling for it anymore, no matter how many 7′5 Asian dudes he takes down.”

    HMC took Fedor down (read:fell on him)but was armbarred for his troubles.

  • mateo says:

    The MMA media is as much to blame as M1.

  • dignan says:


    Thanks for the clarification on “take down.” In no way did I mean he beat him, or won the match easily.

  • Accomando says:

    I knew it; as did many people right from the start, that M-1 Global was a total scam. Just check the “be a disaster” link for proof. Everyone else at the other blogs were saying how “awesome” this was, and only the sane ones knew how pathetic M-1 Global would be.