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M-1 pimps controversial ending

If your cable package is pimp enough, you’ve got a good night of MMA ahead. We’ve already mentioned a dozen times that Strikeforce is holding a Challengers event tonight at 10 on Showtime, and now here’s M-1 trying to entice you via e-mail to check out their ‘Challenge’ show as well with this semi-spoiler:

Goodman, a former NFL running back with the Green Bay Packers who recently tried out for the tenth installment of The Ultimate Fighter, squared off against former Bulgarian national wrestling icon Jordan Radev in Radev’s home country of Bulgaria as a part of best-of-five series between the Americans and the Bulgarians.

After being dominated for the vast majority of the match, Goodman sent Radev sprawling to the canvas with a right cross that appeared to have ended the fight. However, the final bell sounded before the referee had a chance rule the fight as having ended via knockout. The outcome of the bout was put in the hands of the judges and later M-1 Challenge regulatory officials. Did Radev get the win via decision? Or did Goodman get the KO? Of course, the only way to find out is by tuning in tonight.

Us poor bastards who just had HDnet pulled by Time Warner orwho are still on a 70’s box with rabbit ears sticking out the top can just check out the super lo-fi finish ” target=”_blank”>here and the official result here.