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M-1 is owned by a broadway theatre company. Hardcore.

When Sam Caplan said the company who bought M-1 was pretty underwhelming, I never thought it would be this tame. It’s now official that the big scary threat to the UFC’s domination comes from ‘Sibling Entertainment’, a company that up until now is involved with the theatre and a little bit of independant film.

About the only thing these people have done right so far is bring Monte Cox on to head their company, and even that opens up a huge can of worms regarding conflict of interest and what happens to all of Monte’s fighters in the UFC. Past Monte, the only other obvious ace up M1’s sleeve is Fedor, and I’m not too impressed by that ace.

It’s really not that hard to sign a guy when you just go ahead and offer him everything he wants. The 1001 conditions Sibling had to agree to may not seem like a big deal now, but just wait and see how it works out for them in the long run. A good deal is one that takes care of both parties. I have a feeling this deal gives everything to Fedor and nothing for the new M-1.

Past that point, the main thing that amazes me is there’s no obvious money behind this organization. The names already in the mix don’t have the deep pockets to sustain the kind of money pit this company will have to be for the 5 years it takes to really break into the market. If they don’t name a serious moneybags investor soon, there’s no fucking way I’m gonna take them seriously. If they think they’re gonna ride this out using the stock market, someone should show them how that’s working out for the IFL.

  • AlexK says:

    It might not require major $$$, it might not even be a conflict of interest. I think these guys will be more like agents or at least promoters in the boxing sense. They’ve already said that they want to pimp Fedor to UFC for a single super-fight. They’re running Rent-A-Fedor.

    I think they bought out Fedor for a heap of money, and they’re hoping UFC or some other major org will pay them back by hiring Fedor from them for a fight or two.

    I think they’re veeeery mistaken about the marketability of Fedor outside Asia.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    fedor is marketable. why wouldnt he be? america loves the best and thats fedor. he wouldnt need to be marketable for a randy couture super fight. randy would sell it, and after fedor beats him via rd 1 submission everyone will know who fedor is. besides, everyone should already know. FSN shows his Pride fights all the time. Jay Glazer Doughnuts and Twinkle Toes got that on lockdown.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    they prolly gave in to all of fedor’s demands cuz they know they wont be with the company in a year

  • Fred says:

    I like your arguments, Fightlinker, but I’ll assume for the moment that a moneybags investor may show up to shore up this organization. I agree that they probably got down on their knees for Fedor. That doesn’t automatically mean that M-1 won’t have the resources to pull this off long-term. We’ll see.

    To Ted: Is Fedor marketable? Only if he gets fresh new Top 10 opponents and destroys them like we all expect him to. Fedor has the same language barrier problem that A. Silva has. I also think that Fedor doesn’t have much of a personality. If he fight cans, or if he performs in less than dominant fashion against good fighters, then his mystique will be instantly gone. Being the #1 fighter with expectations that high placed on him (M-1 being built around him) is not a good place for any fighter to be. One bad fight could send him crashing back to Earth in people’s minds.