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Is M-1 Global a sinking ship?

Oh please dear God let this story be awesomely true. Midsy reports:

Ten days after Fedor Emelianenko lost to Fabricio Werdum, Fedor’s promotional organization M-1 Global is in disarray as it attempts to adjust to a world in which Fedor is no longer considered the best fighter in MMA.

Specifically, sources with knowledge of the situation say M-1 Global has closed its head office in the Netherlands, that some of M-1’s investors have already cut ties with the organization, that officials within M-1 know they’ve lost most of their negotiating power, and that overall, according to one source, the people at M-1 are “panicking.”

That’s right you fucking scumbags, go run back under the rocks from which you came. Hopefully this makes Fedor realize he’s surrounded by hang-ons who are only interested in suckling at the milk from his bountiful teats.

Even if he doesn’t get rid of the remaining parasites (and unfortunately I don’t see guys like Finkelstein and Millen going any time soon), the fact is people have been sick of his management team’s bullshit since 2006 and they’re not going to get away with the same sort of crap they’ve been pulling for years. Whether that means more Fedor fights or less is yet to be seen. But less crazy Russians in the mix is always a good sign.