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‘M-1 Global’ becomes ‘Adrenaline’

It looks like Monte Cox wasn’t joking when he said things would start moving quickly without the need to deal with any of those kooky Russian guys. In the days since the split, ‘M-1 Global’ has now become ‘Adrenaline’, Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell have been signed (hopefully REALLY signed and not just sorta signed like Fedor was), and a show has been announced for June 14th featuring Jeff Monson vs Mike Russow.

It’s really too bad that Monte Cox has spent the better half of a year looking like a clownshoe on behalf of M-1 Global. I remember when he signed onto the company he was the shining beacon of integrity, the main reason anyone actually gave the new company a chance. But now after everything that’s gone on, the shine has worn off this guy and he’s going to have to prove all over again that he can handle anything bigger than an amateur event at a steak & ribs house.

The other issue everyone is pointing to is how that whole “Conflict of Interest” thing played out. Both Sylvia and Rothwell are managed by Cox, and both of them have just made career moves that are good for Cox but questionable for their own careers. BloodyElbow reminds us that Cox “managed Ben Rothwell right out of the IFL Grand Prix”*, and you have to wonder about the sanity of anyone walking away from the UFC. While most of us are saying “Good riddance” to Tim, from a business standpoint he’s taking a huge risk.

Some people say it’s a fighter’s market out there, but in my opinion the market only comes to town twice a year if you’re lucky. How many ‘free agents’ are there sitting on the sidelines fighting once or twice a year in poorly matched events? At least with the UFC you were practically guaranteed 3 or 4 events a year against opponents of a decent caliber.

Anyways, while lots of people are screaming conflict of interest, I’m thinking the moves had just as much to do with what was going on in the fighters’ pea brains as with what Monte was pushing. Sign number one that you think you’re better than you are: calling out Fedor. And while Tim Sylvia has a right based on multiple championship wins and a career that spans years and years, Ben Rothwell is just some fat guy who did okay in the IFL. These guys obviously think they’re the best and should be treated as such. It will be interesting to see how that mindset fares in the ‘real world’.

*Re: Rothwell, it is also worth noting that the IFL made his participation in the Grand Prix contingent on his signing a new contract for this year’s season. So that fact does go a long way to justifying his decision to fuck off from that promotion.

  • pauli says:

    i’m hoping they get the announcer from ut2k4. ADRENALINE!

  • Accomando says:

    M-1 global becomes gheyer.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Things are turning into a fighters market. Fighters just need to be smart about what the fuck they are doing. That’s what separates the entrepreneural fighter like Frank Shamrock, who is a master at coning promoters into paying him $200,000 a fight and guys like Matt Lindland, who was stupid to sign an exclusive contract with BodogFIGHT. Now he’s got no fights. He’s kicking himself over that one. It should have been clear from the beginning that Calvin Ayre was not serious about MMA. Lindland would have had better luck with a non-exclusive contract or signing with ProElite.

    Tim Sylvia should have stuck with the UFC. His stock in the UFC isn’t very high to begin with since he’s a boring fighter (like Lindland) and you have to question AdrenalineMMA’s stability. How long are they going to stick around? And considering how much the fans booed him for his boring performances, he should be happy to collect six figure paychecks a fight.

    Ben Rothwell should have signed with the UFC. Fighting in the UFC, especially considering the starved heavyweight division, will give him a lot of exposure. Signing with AdrenalineMMA when he has no UFC or PRIDE experience to fall back on, is not good right now for his career.

    It’s very clear that Monte Cox is doing what’s best for AdrenalineMMA and not what’s best for Tim Sylvia and Ben Rothwell.

  • Krazytrain33 says:

    What I don’t get is why do they have to be signed with an org? Why didn’t Sylvia just go independent and say I am open to one fight contracts. When the cash and opponent are right he signs a contract does the fight and starts taking offers for the next fight. I just don’t see how signing with Adrenaline benefits him. I really doubt they gave him a huge signing bonus if any bonus. And if Adrenaline is doing a show on June 14th, why hell isn’t Sylvia or Rothwell on it? Sylvia says he wants to fight 4 times a year, but if hes not in the first Adrenaline show in June, it will be quite awhile before he fights even once for Adrenaline. I dunno, I don’t get it. Probably end up like Fedor, zero fights.

  • Atom says:

    Ben Rothwell did “OK” in the IFL? The man is on a 13 fight winning streak. Its not his fault the IFL didn’t have enough talent to match him up against. Of the 13 wins, he finished 11 of them! I’m sorry he can’t pull of a gogo x2 like Imes!

  • Xavier says:


    And you can already tell that this will be shit, just from the name. Monte Cox is still clownshoes. This is a sport, not professional wrestling. Use sport-like name or go to hell.

  • MRC54 says:

    “Exactly!” is what I thought when I read this. Guaranteed job vs. freelance for “big bucks” in an unstable as fuck freelance business.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    You know something is wrong when you have a name that is cheesier than Ultimate Fighting Championships. EliteXtremeCombat? If there’s anything worse than Ultimate, it’s Xtreme. Adrenaline MMA? Even more shit. What the fuck? HDNet Fights is simple, professional enough. Strikeforce is a good name but doesn’t quite suite for an MMA promotion (I know that Strikeforce did kickboxing before MMA). International Fight League doesn’t make sense considering they aren’t really international. BodogFIGHT was stupid. PRIDE, DREAM and World Victory Road probably make sense in Japan so they get a pass.

  • x5BoltMainx says:


  • Brandon Sanchez says:

    Tim Sylvia is a boring fighter and absolutely no draw. He won’t sell tickets for any promotion. No one goes to see HIM. They go to see Andrei Arlovski. They go to see Randy Couture. They go to see Antonio Nogueira. He also sucks. Most people he can use his height and length against, and no one can get a solid hit on him. When Randy hit him 5 seconds into their fight, he dropped immediately. No chin. He will fail, the promotion will fail. Monte Cox should have signed one of his other fighters people care about and pay to see, whether they are a well-liked fighter or not. Matt Hughes, Rich Franklin, etc….

  • kermit.01 says:

    People like big Tim. Not allot of people, but there are people who– don’t know any better. Like Tim or not, you stick “two time UFC heavy weight Champ” after any name and people are more likely to buy tickets or tune in. So its a smart more for Cox all around, Big Tim, if hes got the money saved up and can affored to get on what might be a sinking ship then its not really a bad move for big Tim. He really only had two choices, stay in the UFC and continue to lose stock with boring performances, or get while your still worth some money and make what you can while you can. Tim made the right move.

  • Ross says:

    The UFC happily released Sylvia from his contract with a fight remaining while still spending a ton of dollars to prevent Couture from doing so. Puts in perspective how valuable Timmy is.

  • “Clownshoe”!!!!

    Nice, I thought I was the only that called people that