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M-1 Global aren’t picky about Fedor vs Hendo

Here’s a shocking news flash: M-1 Global aren’t being giant cocks for once. They’d like us to know that if there are hold ups regarding Fedor vs Dan Henderson, they’re not coming from Russia:

“There have been no hang-ups from M-1 in any of these matters,” said Kogan. “We’ve agreed that this bout would take place in mid-summer and have been equally clear on our acceptance of the fight being either a Showtime event or a Showtime pay-per-view.”

Speaking with an additional source close to M-1 Global, learned that Emelianenko’s camp has asked that bout agreements be distributed as soon as possible.

“No special terms have been requested for the fight,” said Kogan. “Communication and discussions have been normal and we’re now waiting for the go-ahead, [after] which Fedor will begin his focused training camp, some of which has already been planned to take place in the Netherlands.”

Man, they could have made history and a lot of money for Fedor if they’d chilled out like this a few years ago and signed up for that Brock vs Fedor at Cowboys Stadium thing. Better late than never, I guess. If they manage to stay out of the way of awesome Fedor fights for another match or two, I may even have to take M-1 off my Hated Things list. They’re at #2 right after Oprah’s Favorite Things list.