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M-1 fucks up their Breakthrough show

Dropping the ball on your first semi-big US show isn’t exactly a great way to prove you’re a legit promotional entity, but that’s what M-1 is doing with their ‘Breakthrough’ show. The event was originally set to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center as part of the International MMA Expo, but the CSAC says M-1 never applied for a license, so that plan is nixed. M-1 then flirted with the idea of holding the event in Nevada, but no go there either:

“I’ve never talked to anyone at M-1,” Kizer told MMA Junkie. “I know no one from M-1. But Roy Engelbrecht, he had contacted me about the possibility. (Engelbrecht is a boxing promoter and was formerly with Golden Boy).

Kizer said he told Engelbrecht that M-1 “need to get licensed” before NSAC would countenance them having a show in Nevada. He explained that unlicensed promoters sometimes “might have to turn the show over to a licensed promoter and let that licensed promoter be the promoter” but even that is at the discretion of NSAC, who will allow it only if they are familiar with the unlicensed party or parties.

Explaining the application process, Kizer said there is a 30-page form to fill out which covers personal history personal finance form and business interests. Applicants must also supply fingerprints.

Kizer says when he told Engelbrecht to have an M-1 promoter fill out an application he was told the following day, “They’re going to do it in the Midwest instead.”

This is all some serious small time sketch you’d expect from dumb kids trying to throw a rave, not a fight promotion that just claimed they deserve to co-promote with the UFC and take half the profits. I’m going to give M-1 a little bit of wiggle room considering the past two and a half weeks have been just a little bit hectic. But still, this is pretty amateur hour.