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M-1 denies everything is going to hell

Yesterday, Midsy dropped a bit of a bomb on the scene by claiming that M-1 Global was basically starting to fall apart. M-1 rep Evgeni Kogan quickly got in touch with Bloody Elbow with this response:

Eh, that article is 100% made up. There is not an ounce of truth to it… There is no panic, Fedor retains his status in the sport (financially and in terms of perspective). To believe any different is to be out of touch with the business reality of MMA (or any other sport for that matter)… The head office in Holland is here and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Well, okay … maybe the article isn’t 100% made up, because when Kogan spoke with Midsy he admitted that yeah, several employees from the Holland office had indeed been let go. But the other 70% … totally not true! Or is it?

Despite Kogan’s denials, one of the original sources has reiterated that in the days following Fedor’s loss, Kogan told multiple employees of M-1’s Netherlands office that they are losing their jobs because the office is closing. Told that Kogan had denied the original story, the source said Kogan was “lying.”

Kogan declined to answer any questions about the status of the office, such as whether M-1 owns or leases the office space and whether the promotion has given a landlord notice of intent to move out or taken any steps toward selling the office. Kogan said he couldn’t provide any details because it would be unfair to the employees who were recently let go.

“It’s an internal matter,” Kogan said. “The same thing as I wouldn’t ask you what’s going on in your office.”

And regarding those investors:

Responding to my report that investors were wary of staying in business with Fedor now that he’s no longer the sport’s heavyweight king, Kogan said Sergey Matvienko remains M-1 Global’s primary investor, although he said he cannot speak for Matvienko, and he wouldn’t get into any questions involving other investors.

“It’s a privately owned company,” Kogan said. “We’re not public. You can’t expect private companies to disclose that kind of information.”

So let’s review: yes, a bunch of people were fired from the Holland office. No, Kogan will not say if the office now consists of a cell phone on his kitchen table. And no, he will not discuss anything about any investors leaving since the bloom has faded from Fedor’s rose.

Well, I’m glad this has all been cleared up!