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Lyoto Machida will drink anyone’s pee

More wacky urine drinking action from Lyoto Machida:

This is a clip from the very popular TV show “Panico na TV.” Its a mix of Howard Stern/Jackass humor and they sent out two of there reporters to cover UFC 163. Sabrina Sato the very sexy co-host decides she’s going to ask Lyoto if he’ll drink her urine since he practices “Urophagia.”

Here Sato asks Lyoto to drink her urine and Lyoto agrees, but only if she drinks his. The video should be easy to understand even if you don’t speak portuguese.

I guess being the dude who drinks people’s pee is a better label than ‘That boring guy who barely fights when he fights.’ Still, what ever happened to that glimpse of the Machida who knocked Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva da fuq out?

  • brent brookhouse says:

    Apparently he’s still upset about that decision and has fallen off the pee wagon,