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Lyoto Machida sounds ready

Next week is the end of the universe aka Lyoto Machida vs Rashad Evans for the UFC’s top belt: the light heavyweight championship. You might not have heard too much about the event considering that no one likes Rashad (even though we’re all praying to the MMA gods that he wins) and Lyoto is about as marketable as a bad case of Herpes. But just to get you into the mood, here’s Lyoto Machida sounding more focused than the Karate Kid and the Next Karate Kid combined:

“I have spent my whole life waiting to become champion. That moment is finally here,” states the quite fearsome Machida.

“Rashad can’t defend my style. Nobody can.

“That is why I never fear my opponent. I know I work harder than my opponent.

“All he represents is a new challenge for me to conquer.

“If you conquer the will of the man, you conquer the man himself. That is my quest.”

My quest is to get through Machida’s fights without them conquering my will to live. But that’s just me.