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Lyoto Machida loves to trip

Yeah, I still hate Lyoto Machida. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some of the nifty things he does in the cage when he’s not busy running away. The nets are still dry like a nun on Sunday regarding MMA news, so Ben Fowlkes at CagePotato put together a list of signature moves certain guys use. Included was Lyoto Machida’s foot sweep:

Double-leg takedowns are for the commoners — when a true martial artist wants to get you to the mat, he simply hooks his foot out and delicately pushes you over it. Yes, it’s a little strange to see a technique from the karate classes of our youth being used to punk some of the world’s top fighters. But Lyoto isn’t concerned with inflicting more damage than anybody else, or finishing fights as quickly as possible. His only goal is to showcase the superiority of his style. He’d rather break an opponent down mentally than physically. Hence, the foot-sweep, which comes out of nowhere, turns your momentum against you, and frustrates you out of your gameplan. When performed by the Dragon, it’s poetry.

Fowlkes poets the move up a bit, but it’s still something cool no one else is using right now. I’ve always felt that the best moves you can pull are those that your opponent never sees in training. The leg sweep is a perfect example of this … I wonder if half the guys who suffered this even understood what the fuck happened until they rewatched the fight.

*update* I’ve been informed that this post was actually written by BOTH the Bens, so I should give credit to Goldstein for waxing poetic about Machida.