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Lyoto Machida finishes a fight

I’ve been waiting months and months for Thaigo Silva to fight Lyoto Machida. In my mind, I saw Silva chasing him down and beating the shit out of him. How did that work out? Not so well. On a night where all the fights were going to decision, Lyoto Machida scored a first round knockout. If he wins KO of the Night (and I think he probably will, since he’s the only guy thus far to KO anyone), I don’t know how the fuck I’ll react.

We’ve been bagging on Machida since day one for his style, which we have dubbed Hit & Run. Sure it’s effective, but I’m just not sold on a style that relies on your opponent not wanting the fight to be a boring turd to win. Anyways, I could write a few posts about what’s right and wrong about what Machida does (and I have, check the archives). This post is about what happened tonight.

Machida moved backwards, Silva chased him, and Machida made him eat punches for it, knocking him down twice before tripping him and finishing him right at the bell with a huge punch coming down into Silva’s guard. To Machida’s credit, he wasn’t holding back as badly as he has in the past … he stepped in and engaged several times, and went for the kill whenever he had the chance. In the end, I get the feeling that Thiago Silva got careless with a few seconds left in the first round and paid for it dearly.

If someone is gonna expose Machida’s style, it ain’t gonna be Thiago. I guess we’ll see how Rashad Evans deals with it next.